Dec 16, 2022

Ceylon Bitcoin Meetup

Crypto meet-ups have come a long way in Sri Lanka. What started as a simple online conferences and physical meetups have evolved as an educative learning platform for many enthusiasts and Curious Beginners.

The second iteration of such an event  “The Ceylon Bitcoin Meetup” was held on the 26th of October 2022.

Bitcoin enthusiasts, both beginners, and advanced users all had a platform to meet up with each other and have a chat about the intriguing world of digital currency and cutting-edge blockchain technology.

At the event, all Bitcoin-related things were discussed. Those who joined had the opportunity to listen to some of the industry pioneers in Sri Lanka speak about Bitcoin-related software development , about Cryptocurrency Acceptance Possibilities all the while having the opportunity to a chat among fellow like-minded individuals.

In addition to all Bitcoin topics, issues in Sri Lanka, such as rising inflation and the economic crisis was also discussed.


****Mike G,  Renowned Java Script Developer from Los Angeles, joined the meetup as our special guest. His work mainly revolves around Lightning network applications and Bitcoin education. You can follow Mike on Twitter via @itsmikegee.

Ecosystem Partner

Located in the heart of Colombo, our Official Ecosystem partner for the event was Sri Lanka’s Finest Innovation and startups hub; Hatch Works. With a long list of successfully executed startups, Hatch has always been breeding ground for deep-thinkers, innovators and mischief-makers of all shapes and sizes. This amazing Co-working space has determined to provide Innovators with all the services they might need to innovate, grow and succeed in a creative Co-working space, providing an incubator for entrepreneurs to experiment on ideas, acquire knowledge, share lessons and thrive successfully together.

Thus, Hatch has moulded their service portfolio to accommodate everyone’s visions for incubation, collaboration and acceleration. Idea of our meetup was heavily backed and promoted by Hatch  and we were met with great positivity towards our vision and its execution. for that we are truly grateful.

How to Join

Before 2022, crypto enthusiasts in Sri Lanka did not have a platform to meet up and share their ideas. Although there were many small communities scattered all over the island, there wasn’t a coherent, unified community for cryptocurrencies.

To remedy this, three crypto groups in Sri Lanka, namely “Crypto Kalliya (කල්ලිය)”, Digital Assets Lanka, and Crypto Room - Ceylon Cash got together to create an island-wide community dedicated to crypto enthusiasts in Sri Lanka. Crypto Gurus, namely Crypto Chi, CM Nisal and many more have been with the venture from the very beginning. Later on, Ceylon Anbu Discord Community jumped on board the venture.

Such meet-ups paved the way for scattered crypto communities to unify and form amore robust front. Through this, they have been able to bring attention to issues such as cryptocurrency regulation in Sri Lanka and many such issues pertaining to digital assets in Sri Lanka.

Meet Our Meetups

Ceylon Bitcoin Meetup #2 is the second iteration of the Ceylon Bitcoin Meetup &

The overall fourth cryptocurrency meetup to be held in Sri Lanka. Prior to this, the community was strengthened through three other meetups;

Ceylon Crypto Meetup

Ceylon Bitcoin Meetup

Ceylon Crypto Meetup

Ceylon Crypto Meetup, Became the foundation to our meetups and was held in January this year. To ensure the security and privacy of attendees, a rigorous screening process was followed and an algorithm was created to filter out and to make sure there were no unwanted Individuals (scammers) at the event. Participants joined both physically and virtually.

Since this was the first and only a paid meetup to be executed, all participants were issued a NFT ticket which granted entrance to the meetup. This marked the very first time a cutting-edge technology was used in Sri Lanka to issue a Ticket. Sandali Handagama, our well-known Author from Coindesk &  many more enthusiasts joined the event and thus it became the first successful Crypto meetup held in Sri Lanka.

Ceylon Bitcoin Meetup

Ceylon Bitcoin Meetup was the successor to the Ceylon Crypto Meetup &  It was held

in February this year (2022). An International Bitcoin Icon, Hitesh Matlani , aka Paco de la India, joined the event as a special guest to share his life story with participants.

Ceylon Celsius Meetup

This meetup was structured differently from the previous two, as it was held in the

form of a panel discussion. Joining the panel discussions were Russell Motha,

Chirath Rajapaksa, and Nisal Chandrasekara (CM Nisal).

Bitcoin meetup #2

When did it happen?

On the 26th of October at 6.00 PM

Where? Hatch Works, Colombo 01. Hatch Works

Targeted Audience?

All crypto enthusiasts.

Fees and Charges?

Free of charge for all.

Voice of Community

Needless to say, the crypto community in Sri Lanka was thrilled to have an event of this nature in Sri Lanka.

“It’s encouraging to see active meet-ups happening in the space of crypto in Sri Lanka. The first one I visited was when we welcomed Hitesh, who’s travelling to 40 countries using Bitcoin. We now have over 320,000 users of crypto in the country, and many young people now invest in crypto, which is a sustainable hedge against the LKR,” said Sanjay Mendis, Director/ CEO of Bitazza Lanka.

This is what Russell Motha, Director of BFSI, had to say;

“I had the opportunity to speak at the Ceylon Crypto Meetup and share value from my forte via investing and diversifying into crypto to beat inflation. However, the input from the community was next level! The best part about the Ceylon Crypto community is that, irrespective of your background, the collaborative atmosphere urges everyone to share value from their own point of view, which is unique to the Ceylon Cash community. It creates an environment for people from all walks of life, from a student to a corporate employee, from a banker to a 100% DeFi individual, to connect and work towards the common good whilst contributing and creating awareness in the society. Will surely join the next sessions and add value!”

Connect with us!

You can connect with the Sri Lankan communities via the Ceylon Cash Telegram  Community and their various social media channels. Don’t forget to join the Enable Notifications to stay updated on all things related to crypto in Sri Lanka. https://t.me/CryptoRoomDiscuss