Automating Trading View Strategy with a 3Commas DCA Bot

dca Sep 19, 2021


  • TV - Trading View
  • DCA Bot - Dollar Cost Averaging Bot


Found an attractive Buy Sell Alerting indicator on Trading View (Video Published on Sri Crypto Youtube Channel) and wanted to make a DCA Bot out of it and Trigger buying signals with Trading view.

#What it Does

For each candle closure on TV Chart, if all conditions met for Buy, Trading view will show a "Buy" Alert below the candle. It will trigger a DCA Bot on 3Commas Platform and Binance account will initiate a Long Trade with 10$.

Taking Profits with +0.5% price deviations. (wanted to exit the deal ASAP)

Ladder buying / averaging the trade starting from -1% deviation. Martingale strategy (2x) is used for Order size Multiplication and Price Deviation.

#How I Built — TL:DR

TLDR: Created DCA Bot with 3Commas and automated it with Trading view Script for Buy Signals.
Set Safety order values for 2x and Safety order steps for 2x.

What you need?

Join me on TradingView, this place is awesome.
TradingView Premium Account
3Commas - Crypto Trading Bot Automated Altcoin/Bitcoin Platform
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Above links will  help you to obtain some discounts on platforms and I would get a small commission from the platform.

#Adding Script / Indicator

  • First You have to have an Indicator which supports alerts on Trading View. you can try the below script if you like.

Script should have Alert Conditions option enabled.(This is a must for setting Alerts on Trading View)

SRI Strategy (Tweaked - CMNisal) — Indicator by Nisal
Mix of few indicators to Identify buying and selling alerts. RSIBollinger BandsIchimoku Cloud
  • You can click on the Add to Favorite Scripts button on the indicator’s page.
Add to Favorite Scripts
  • Add the indicator to the desired chart.
Add to your chart

#Creating DCA Bot and Getting Webhook from 3commas

  • Create a 3Commas DCA Bot / Copy from exiting bot link.

  • Don't forget to set the deal start condition as "Trading view custom Signal"
  • Scroll down and Find the "Message for Deal Start Signal"
  • Copy the JSON (marked in red) and head back to Trading view. (Clicking JSON will copy content to clipboard)

#Creating Alert with Trading View

  • Select the desired symbol on Trading View and let’s start Adding Alerts (Alt+A)
  • When Adding the alert for indicator, Select the Condition you want. In this case we will get the Long Entry as Alert Condition.
  • These points are Important when you're setting up the alerts. Check the Screenshot below.

- Options - Once per Bar Close for Avoiding false signals

- Webhook URL - paste the link:

- Tick Webhook URL

- Message - Paste the JSON you copied from the 3Commas Deal Start condition.

Vola! Your Bot should be Starting deals with Buy Alerts.

Now you can just sit back and watch. 😉


If you want to be alerted when a new deal starts, you can setup below options.

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